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Evans Federal provides holistic specialty design services in support of the architecture and design (A&D) community, for both new construction and modernization efforts, to ensure the success of any control room project. We possess industry-leading expertise in the design, delivery, and refresh of secure control room environments.

We employ designers focused solely on control room projects, former operators who have worked in secure environments, and technologists focused on operations within secure environments. From project concept through completion, our cleared professionals stand ready to support you at any – or every – stage of your project. We do this both independently and by efficiently coordinating the work of architectural, engineering, logistics, and project management teams.

From initial requirements development, control room design, and space planning to on-site installation, fit-out, and ongoing maintenance, our experienced, security cleared personnel understand all aspects of creating optimally configured secure spaces that meet each of our many clients’ unique needs and requirements.

Doing business with Evans Federal is easy. Customer focus and responsiveness to clients are our highest corporate values. The Evans Team was one of the first companies to develop – and is one of the few that possess –significant experience supporting 24/7 secure control room projects. We have supported over 10,000 secure mission critical environment projects – including control rooms, command centers, network operations centers (NOCs), security operations centers (SOCs), joint operations centers (JOCs), and intelligence operations centers (IOCs) – and the resultant lessons learned enable us – and our clients – to quickly ascend the design curve.

Whether you are a federal end-user, architect, designer, engineer, contractor/integrator, or consultant, Evans Federal delivers the solution to your organization’s secure space requirements.

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Evans Federal’s designers pay close attention to the human performance details that others miss. We remain up-to-date with and knowledgeable of all federal SCIF design standards and requirements. Coupled with our team’s 30-plus-year history of designing over 10,000 control rooms for clients throughout the public and private sectors, we provide control room design experience and expertise that enables our customers to function more effectively, and Optimizes Human Performance for Mission Critical Environments.


Once a control room’s shell is designed and the space is laid out, all of the interior elements must synergize to maximize the effectiveness of the control room personnel. Our holistic, human performance first approach to fit-out ensures that Evans Federal customers get the most out of their fit-out and integration designs. We provide our partners with experienced professionals who have a proven track record of effectively integrating personnel and technology to deliver optimum performance.

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Consulting Studies

Requirements Development

At the outset of all projects, Evans Federal conducts extensive analysis of all customer requirements by interfacing directly with key stakeholders to assess their operational needs and concerns. In providing workstation layout support, for example, our personnel evaluate factors such as task analysis and the operational links between and organizational responsibilities of personnel across the organization.

Technology Integration Design

Evans Federal specializes in niche, IT-integrated specialty equipment and technology for 24/7 application uses. We have supported technology integration across the government and commercial sectors, with a special focus on specialized audio and visual communications equipment that integrates into clients’ information technology enterprises. Evans Federal conducts and delivers instructive technology integration design studies that inform our customers how to best configure and integrate their consoles, technical furniture, lighting, raised access flooring, acoustic paneling, and other equipment.

Ergonomic Studies and Consultation

Our goal is to create spaces that integrate people with technology to maximize the effectiveness of both by arranging all components to optimize body positions, sightlines, and workflows throughout the space. Control room design should minimize operator fatigue and workflow obstruction in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. However, our competitors often fail to conduct ergonomic studies and incorporate the findings into their projects. The unfortunate result ranges from decreased efficiency at best, to mission failure at worst.

In contrast, the Evans Federal team draws upon decades of experience in ensuring that control room personnel are supported ergonomically and positioned correctly to optimally conduct their work. Beyond analyzing operator body position, sightlines, and workflow structure in secure environments, we offer studies and workshops that deliver critical insights regarding these considerations. We enable our customers to recognize and eliminate the obstacles to achieving control room success and greater functionality. This allows Evans Federal, in cooperation with our clients, to Optimize Human Performance for Mission Critical Environments.

Security Analysis

Our control room professionals maintain active security clearances and remain current on the latest developments in federal SCIF requirements, including:

  • ICD 705.7
  • JFAN 6/9
  • UL 2050
  • UL 681
  • UFC4-010-05

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Space PlanningEvans Consoles: Turn Key Solutions: Architectural Walls, Acoustical Treatments, Flooring

Another factor that distinguishes Evans Federal from the competition is our “Six-Wall Approach,” meaning that we approach control room space planning from a holistic perspective and account for both how each element of a secure room functions individually and how each element interactively affects and is affected by all others.

Optimal room layout is essential when designing a mission critical environment. Through close collaboration with our customers, we provide complete space plan designs that optimize human performance and all available space, because even the empty space within a secure control room needs to be optimized to enable people, information, and work to flow effectively throughout a secure control room.

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On-Site Installation

Our ability to provide on-site installation support further distinguishes Evans Federal from the competition. Our cleared installers have delivered work-ready Evans Federal products across the globe.

We also know that installation and logistics planning are particularly critical for control room projects, and we provide the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure that your control room planning is thorough and complete. We provide installation and logistics planning for new construction projects as well as modernization efforts, including live cutover support in cases where mission support must proceed uninterrupted during the modernization.

Evans Federal possesses industry-leading expertise in the development and implementation of phased project completion timelines in order to complete projects as expediently as possible, minimizing downtime for clients. In circumstances where a client cannot tolerate any downtime, Evans Federal is also skilled in providing live cutover support, resulting in zero client downtime. We are experienced with modernizing and upgrading customer facilities where 24X7 mission critical operations must continue during the upgrade progress. For example, our team reconfigured and modernized one customer’s air traffic control (ATC) tower ‘18 inches at a time’ during the hours of 2:00-5:00AM each morning, enabling the ATC personnel to continue their work without interruption.

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SolutionsEvans Consoles : Control Room : Facility Design Experts

Evans Federal Solutions blends the experience of a company that has built and outfitted control rooms for decades with the insights of cleared professionals focused exclusively on designing facilities that meet Federal SCIF requirements.

We feature products, turnkey solutions, and services that help our federal clients meet and exceed their mission critical requirements, and have the experience of thousands of control room installations and implementations over the past 30 years. We work both independently, and with our construction, architect, and interior design partners to fully integrate our clients needs and requirements effectively into their secure facilities.

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Evans: Leader in Command and Control Center Solutions

Multi-Level Security

Security Systems Plans & Assessments

  • Physical Security Information Management
  • Event Management and Automation
  • NSTISSAM 2-95 Red/Black Installation Plans

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This critical element of secure control room process demands experience and knowledge that few companies can provide. Once the shell is designed and the space laid out, all of the elements need to come together in a manner that maximizes the effectiveness of the people who work in the control room. Evans Federal provides partners with experienced professionals who have a proven track record of effectively integrating personnel and technology to deliver optimum performance.


Evans Consoles: Turn Key Solutions: Architectural Walls, Acoustical Treatments, FlooringEvans’ consoles are unparalleled in the control room industry due to our innovative designs, ergonomic considerations and overall quality and durability.

Federal requirements for secure mission critical environments and SCIFs are constantly changing due to the ever changing threat to our national security, protection of vital information, and the need for real-time responses to emergencies and critical events. Because of these requirements, every facility is different. The physical features of the room, the technology needed to maintain the functions of the center, and the needs of the people who run the operations play important roles, which is why every console we produce is a custom project, designed from the ground up. We work with you, your requirements, and Federal standard/mandates to find the exact fit for your mission critical control room or SCIF.


Control Room Lighting

Evans Consoles: Turn Key Solutions: Architectural Walls, Acoustical Treatments, FlooringDesign and installation of proper lighting is crucial to the overall effectiveness of the control room. Proper lighting at the consoles needs to be designed to eliminate glare and reflections. This is a key component of the overall successful operation of the control room, and ties closely with our ergonomics designs to keep operators alert and productive.

  • Combine direct and indirect light for better overall illumination
  • Modern styling for premium aesthetics
  • Energy saving components
  • Variety of sizes to adapt to different ceiling types
  • Retrofit overhead lighting to existing buildings to reduce eyestrain and maximize productivity

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Raised Access Flooring

Evans Consoles: Turn Key Solutions: Architectural Walls, Acoustical Treatments, FlooringDirect lines for power and data can be run below the floor of a control room with a surprisingly small impact on the overall height of the room. Evans Federal works with clients to deliver SCIF-compliant, low-profile raised flooring options from as low as 3 inches high.

  • Perfect for any 24/7 control room environments
  • Easily accommodates additions, relocations and reconfigurations
  • Eliminates the need for costly structural changes compared to fixed construction
  • Installation, maintenance and cleaning provided
  • Low-profile raised flooring options from 3” high
  • Durable carpet overlay options
  • Flexible, scalable, high performance raised flooring and platforms
  • ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible

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Acoustic Paneling

Evans Consoles: Turn Key Solutions: Architectural Walls, Acoustical Treatments, FlooringEvans Federal creates effective sound control treatments for every SCIF we design. We offer acoustical panels in a wide variety of shapes, colors and edges to make sure that your secure control space absorbs extraneous noise and focuses users on the sounds that they need to hear.

Address acoustical and aesthetic needs with strong sound-absorbing performance

  • Create an effective sound control treatment distinctly designed for your environment
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Several shapes, colors and beveled, mitered or radius edges available
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • 1” thick panels with NRC 0.85
  • 2” thick panels with NRC 1.15
  • Various mounting systems retrofit to your existing environment

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Secure Technology

TEMPEST products are a vital component in any mission critical control room or SCIF to secure electronic communications equipment. Evans Federal integrates TEMPEST certified telecommunications equipment into all of the secure control rooms we create. Our clients can rely on us to be sure that the products installed in their secure facilities comply with all of the latest government regulations for SCIFs.

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