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EVANS Care™ Console cleaning and Maintenance Service

Make a Healthy Investment in your Control Room

We are excited to announce our console cleaning and maintenance service offering for the control room industry, EVANS Care
Your mission critical operation is the pulse of your organization; and it is asked to stand up to the most rigorous 24/7 wear and tear imaginable. It may have started out as the optimum operating environment, but an ongoing focus on cleaning and servicing is needed to ensure the high operating and air quality standards you expect throughout the life of your operation.
EVANS Care Cleaning + Maintenance Services
Conventional janitorial services simply do not have the expertise required for your mission critical operation. Our cleaning and maintenance teams all have specialized training on mission critical operations. Get experience working for you today with these comprehensive services:
  • Detailed cleaning of consoles (including all cavities), accessories, chairs, AV systems and other equipment – not just a cursory wipe down!
  • Preventative maintenance such as hinge repairs, cabling and cable management, leveling of doors and keyboard tray repairs.
Unmatched Expertise
EVANS brings over 35 years experience as the leading console manufacturer to EVANS Care Cleaning + Maintenance Services. We understand the importance of providing a non-disruptive approach to your operation’s technology and infrastructure.
Our cleaning and maintenance professionals pride themselves in being unobtrusive; this enables your center to stay in full operation while the service occurs. We also take security very seriously - our crews are all Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) certified with full background checks.
Optimizing Your Consoles with Cable Management Maintenance
There may have been a time where your center’s consoles were wired for optimal performance, but over time as hardware and equipment add-ons or changes occurred, wire and cable management often becomes a tangled jungle. Our cable management service experts are adept at untangling the jungle ensuring your equipment is working as it should.
Did you know?
Over time, a collection of dust, mite and mold can cause health, safety and equipment performance issues. In addition, the day-to-day, 24x7 use of consoles and other control room equipment impacts ongoing performance and lifespan.
Find out more about how console cleaning and maintenance can protect your control room investment.