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Furious 7

Hollywood chooses Evans...

When tasked to create the most realistic, technologically advanced control room environments for today's blockbusters, Hollywood turns to Evans for unparalleled authenticity, durability, and believability. When creating sets designed to transport the viewer into another world filled with action and excitement it is imperative the control room is realistic  and stylistically accurate. Only Evans delivers the authenticity that keeps you on the edge of your seat from opening credits to the house lights coming back on!

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From dream to reality.

When the producers of the latest installment of the "Fast And The Furious" franchise set out creating their next film - the 7th blockbuster in the popular fuel injected series - they needed to create impressive control room environments. They came to the World leader in the field - Evans. The film called for a set which was realistic, technologically advanced, and as jaw dropping as the eye candy in the movie - and like all Evans products they are designed to solve the logistical problems that 24/7 mission critical environments offer, from multi-user adaptability to 24/7 ergonomic comfort and durability.


Evans not only took their vision and made it a reality, but we partnered with producers to open a whole new vertical - expect to see more of Evans in a theatre near you...



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