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Evans Announces Award of Significant Multi-Year Contract Renewal with FAA

Vienna, Virginia – August 8 2017 - Evans Consoles Incorporated, (“Evans”) the leader in design and manufacturing of 24/7 mission critical environments, is pleased to announce the renewal of a multi-year Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) environments are some of the most demanding and complex control room settings in the world. Evans’ expertise in this sector is founded on over 100 man-years of collective ATC experience dealing with complex airport project installations. With an unrelenting focus on innovation, a diverse suite of solutions, the use of virtual reality (VR) as a visualization tool, and its unparalleled experience, Evans was a natural selection for the contract.

Under the terms of the contract, Evans will provide custom Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower and Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) console solutions for the FAA.  The contract provides customized-solution options which ensure the unique requirements of each location are met. The five-year contract is valued at approximately $10 million.

"This contract renewal demonstrates our complete commitment to supporting the FAA with advanced ATC console solutions and services. Our continued focus on this important segment provides the FAA with the world’s most experienced team in mission critical environments,” says William Burkett, CEO of Evans.  “We are excited to continue to support the FAA and its unique requirements.”

Dave Rivers, Evans’ Director of Air Traffic Control, adds, “Our focus is to provide the highest quality solutions by leveraging our extensive experience in command and control environments. This allows Evans to share what we know from other markets, and to ensure that best practices are always incorporated in our projects.” 


About Evans Consoles Incorporated

Evans Consoles Incorporated is the world leader in custom ATC console solutions spanning all ATC domains including Control Tower, Terminal and En Route/ACC Radar, Oceanic, Air Range and Support environments.  Evans also supports ATC turn-key products and services for ATC agencies around the world.  Evans provides mission critical solutions for technology-intensive work environments with recognized market leadership within the government, air traffic control, corporate, command and control, surveillance and homeland security markets. With over 10,000 installations world-wide, Evans designs and manufactures control room console solutions including Air Traffic Control Towers, Terminal Radar Approach Controls, and En Route/Area Control Centers as well as and Oceanic ATC operations solutions.

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