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Strategy Air™ Sit Stand

Ergonomic, Durable and ScalableEvans Consoles : Control Room Experts : Strategy Air Sit Stand

Advanced ergonomic design compliments the style and durability of the open concept Strategy Air™. Designed for 24/7 lifetime use, Strategy Air™ Sit-Stand combines the latest in operator comfort and ergonomics with superior cable management and technology integration. 
Strategy Air™ Sit-Stand is a fully scalable control room solution that takes advantage of remote server technology. The innovative cable management system allows the console and the operator to be free from IT infrastructure and unsightly cables while offering long-term durability, functionality and a modern look and feel. Strategy Air™ Sit Stand has been ergonomically designed to enhance the health and productivity of operators, giving flexibility to interact with their immediate environment.


Innovative Energy ChainEvans Consoles : Control Room Experts : Strategy Air Sit Stand

Part of Strategy Air’s beauty is not what you see; it’s what you don’t see. The integrated cable management hides cables within the frame providing easy access throughout the console. The cables are run through the innovative energy chain keeping them safe, secure and out of sight. This simple open design leaves a clean, clutter free workspace with a slick modern look.


Removable PC Holder
Evans Consoles : Control Room Experts : Strategy Air

The Strategy Air™ Sit Stand offers a removable PC holder for environments that require local PC access. 
Environments that have incorporated remote server technologies can remove the PC holder and enjoy the true open concept that the 
Strategy Air ™ Sit Stand showcases. 



Unlimited Design OptionsEvans Consoles : Control Room Experts : Strategy Air

Place individual consoles, rows of operators, or clusters of collaborative groups in your control room layout with ease. The modular design of Strategy Air™ Sit-Stand fits your needs today, and allows you to adapt to future requirements. Our unique bridge system not only links curved console layouts, but provides equipment storage and management. 


Cable ManagementEvans Consoles : Control Room Experts : Strategy Air

A valuable feature of any heavy duty console is the ability to conceal unsightly cables and wires. The StrategyAir™ Sit Stand has masterfully incorporated an ingenious system for cable management. Utilizing the slatwall, monitor well, and frame, the StrategyAir™ Sit Stand offers ample storage and channels to run cables from your accessories to the power source.